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Chemical free skincare, no parabens here!

   Here is our promised blog on paraben free skincare. Holistic harmony has been paraben and chemical free since 2003. I had been interested in chemical free products since the late 90's when training as a holistic therapist. The more I read on the subject, the more determined I was to find products that were truly chemical free! So many products claim to be "natural" when actually there may only be one or two ingredients that actually fulfill this criteria.
      There are a few brands I like and have used over the years including Weleda, Green people, Dr hauschka, Living nature and Welsh company Akamuti. The two brands I use in my therapies now are Weleda and Akamuti. Both companies fulfill the natural, chemical free criteria and have ethical working practices!
    My favourite Akamuti product is the chocolate marshmallow face mask, smells so good you could eat it and jam packed with anti- oxidants!
    My favourite Weleda product has to be Skin food! This product has been around since 1926 and is now a firm favourite with the general public and celebrities alike. It is excellent for dry skin conditions and is nourishing and hydrating for the whole body. I have seen some amazing results with this product.
Catch you all soon!
Lisa :)