Choose from full length or express treatments
Warm bamboo massage
Warm bamboo massage involves massaging with heated sticks of bamboo that are of varying lengths and diameters. This therapy is great for deep tissue work and releasing muscular knots! It is a very warming treatment and is great for deep tissue work.
Full body 80 mins  £40
Back 45 mins   £25
Seated massage 30 mins £20
Facial 30 mins £25 (winter warmer)

Swedish massage
This is a deep massage and involves the manipulation of the bodies soft tissues. Stress relief moves can be included for a calming effect or other techniques can bring about an uplifting effect.
Full body - 60 minutes  £35
Stress busting back - 45 minutes  £30
Back - 30 minutes  £25
Aromatherapy massage is a gentle form of massage, which helps to relax body and mind. Aromatic and therapeutic essential oils are used to aid the massage process and any problems that may be present. A full body treatment includes a luxurious face and scalp massage.
Full body - 60 minutes £35
Back - 30 minutes £25
Holistic facials
Weleda and Akamuti products are used for the facials, these products provide pure skin therapy for your skin and have the benefits of natural ingredients and NO chemicals! All 30 minute and above facials include a face and scalp massage to ease away tension.
  Facial 30 Mins  £25 (Includes mini scalp massage)
Vegan facial  30 mins   £25 (includes mini scalp massage)
Luxury facials 

Luxury facials are available with a chocolate or rose and marshmallow face mask. A longer face and scalp massage is included and products are removed with a hot cloth

Bellabacci cupping facial now available, great for increasing circulation! 
Chocolate heaven facial 45 mins £30
Rose and marshmallow facial  45 mins  £30

Cupping facial 45 mins. £30 
Hot stone massage
This massage involves the use of heated Basalt stones. This treatment induces great relaxation and effectively releases stress and tension in the body. It is very beneficial for muscular aches and pains, insomnia, stress and circulatory problems.
Full body (includes scalp massage and face)- 90 minutes  £40
Basic full body - 60 minutes £35
Back - 45 minutes  £30
Facial -   £25 (winter warmer)
Hopi ear candles
This is a tradition that was brought to Europe by the Hopi people. The candles used are made from organic cotton using a traditional recipe which includes honey, sage and camomile. This treatment can help ease the symptoms of excessive ear wax, sinus problems, glue ear, snoring and many other conditions. This treatment includes a face massage.
45 minutes  £20
Indian head massage 
This is a non-invasive treatment, as the client remains fully clothed. The movements used have been passed through generations of  families in India. The areas worked on are the head, neck, shoulders, upper arms and upper back. This is an excellent stress reliever. It can be performed with or without pure coconut oil.
30 minutes  £20
*Ultimate Back Treatment*
Bamboo or Hot stone
(winter warmer)
*Relax and unwind those aching back muscles with the ultimate back treatment. This is a 1 hour treatment that entails 30 minutes hands on massage and 30 minutes hot stone massage/warm bamboo massage. Feel those knots melt away!*
60 minutes  £35
*Chocolate heaven facial*
*Our NEW chocolate heaven facial incorporates a luxurious chocolate and marshmallow face mask which is rich in ANTIOXIDANTS and MINERALS and a deeply relaxing hand and foot massage*
45 minutes  £25
*Chocolate heaven back treatment*
This is essentially a facial for the back. Exfoliate away those dead skin cells and have glowing skin!
30 minutes £25
*Exfoliating back/Body treatment *
The exfoliating body treatments help exfoliate away those dead skin cells and leave you with silky smooth skin! Neal's yard organics geranium and orange body scrub is used for this treatment to create a truly relaxing experience! For full relaxation a back or full body massage can be incorporated.
Back  30 mins (Including mini massage) £20
Full body 30 mins £25
Full body + Back massage 60 mins £35
Full body and full body massage 90 mins £45
*Foot reviver*
If you have weary feet or just want to treat your feet, you should have this treatment!
Feet are exfoliated, massaged and moisturised until they feel brand new. Ideal for dancers, workers, shoppers or just because! Weleda skin food is used in this treatment for it's softening abilities!
30 minutes £25
Express treatments
Express facial 15 mins £7.50
The stressbuster 15 mins £7.50
Express foot reviver 15 mins £7.50
               Express hand treatment 15 mins £7.50    
3 for 2 on all express treatments at Revue studios for a limited time only!